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Scratch Mydijin aka "secret_blend"/BlendSpotting's Deadbeat Dad
Marco Michilli aka "DonMarco"/Editor in Neo-Paganism - Professional Ex-Poster Boy
Jason Smith aka "LegalStep"/Witty Bastard - Previews Editor
John O. aka "skankinclams"/Swag Inspector and Chief
James A. Leary aka "badmspaint"/The Man Without the Pants - Writes the Pictures
Jon. K. aka "persona_kun"/Incorrigible Liar and Sega Correspondent
Conrad A. Fursa aka "somari"/Token White Guy and Spinster in Chief
Tim McGowan aka "swimmy"/Unethical Analyst
AJ Kelly aka "90negroes"/Hard-hitting Journalist (except when he's on vacation and lunch break)

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