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28 September 2006 @ 12:01 am

Yes, folks, BlendSpotting is still alive and well! Fresh off the lawsuit, I'm proud to reveal (for the first time anywhere) Capcom's bringing their critic-impressing Okami out for Nintendo's next-generational powerhouse! Details are sketchy as to when and why, but an inside source has confirmed that one new character, three Devil-slaying new stroke techniques, and four new bosses will be in the game. Capcom also confirmed the Wii's controller will be utilized in some fashion but wasn't too clear how. This is a sure sign that things are in the earliy stages. Most Wii games are designed based on the controller's movements. However, to reverse-engineer a game to the high gaming standards Nintendo's Wii is sure to represent, Clover Studio seems to have a lot of work ahead of them if they are to make the November 19th launch date.
Holden F. Levackgathozar on December 31st, 2006 07:27 am (UTC)
Painting with the Wii-Mote = Awesomeplz